Secure Element Evaluation Kit for the Android platform

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Our vision is that Android becomes an important platform for developing and deploying security-based applications, thanks to its openness and the strength of its tools. Finally, all code should be contributed into the Android platform in order to have hardware-based security support in every new Android phone.

Proposed solution – SmartCard API for Android

The SmartCard API adds the necessary modules and API’s to the Android platform. It offers flexible access to secure elements, allowing a secure application solution to make use of any secure form factor, such as a USIM card, a secure µSD card, an embedded secure element, …

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We welcome any kind of contribution (discussions, issues, feature requests, documentations, code, ...), because we believe that this project is of benefit for everybody in the Android community who is interested in security. Please do not use comments on Wiki pages for support but only the mailing list. Wiki page comments are for discussing/extending the documenta